Public Records

Alabama 9-1-1 Board's Public Records Policy

It is the policy of the executive branch of the State of Alabama to promptly provide citizens with public records upon request, subject to their payment of reasonable fees, to applicable laws protecting sensitive information, and to the interest of the general public in having the business of government carried on efficiently and without undue interference.
Our public request policy can be viewed here:  Records Request Policy

Submitting a public records request

You may submit a public records request by completing the Records Request Form.
If you have any questions about the form or process, you may send an email: or call the office at (334) 440-7911.

What to expect

The Alabama 9-1-1 Board strives to respond promptly to all public records requests consistent with the demands of our agency’s functions. The nature of your request will determine how promptly we respond. If your request clearly identifies a specific, discrete document you are looking for, we will respond more quickly than if your request requires significant staff time to process. A request will require significant staff time to process if it is difficult to identify or retrieve documents or if it takes measures to redact or withhold sensitive information. In addition, we are permitted by state law to charge reasonable fees to process public records requests. We will notify you in advance if any fees are necessary to process your request.


Please call our office at (334) 440-7911 or email with any questions about our public records policy or form.