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Officers: Jeremy Williams - Chair, Alan Campbell - Vice Chair, Robert Smith - Secretary/Treasurer


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Section 11-98-4.1 

(b) The 13 members of the 911 Board, each of whom shall serve for a term of four years, shall be appointed by the Governor as follows:

(1) Seven members recommended by the Alabama Association of 911 Districts, one from each of the seven congressional districts, with each district representative recommended selected by vote of the Alabama Association of 911 Districts members from that congressional district. The initial appointments shall include the three district representatives on the CMRS Board who shall serve through March 31, 2014, and a member from the first, third, fifth, and seventh congressional districts as provided herein. Following the March 31, 2014, expiration of the terms of the district representatives drawn from the CMRS Board, the Governor shall appoint a member recommended by the Association of 911 Districts from each of the second, fourth, and sixth congressional districts, it being the intent of this section that each of the seven district representatives on the board be from a different congressional district, as such districts exist on May 8, 2012.

(2) Two members recommended by CMRS providers licensed to do business in Alabama.

(3) Two members recommended by incumbent local exchange carriers operating in Alabama, who shall not be from the same local exchange carrier.

(4) Two members recommended by cable companies that provide interconnected VoIP services in Alabama, who shall not be from the same cable company.

(d) For all terms expiring after June 1, 2014, the governmental entities or industry groups identified in subsection (b) shall recommend at least two different persons for each board position for which they are charged with making a recommendation, with the Governor appointing a member from among such recommended candidates. For all terms expiring after July 1, 2015, appointments made by the Governor shall be subject to confirmation by the Senate as provided in this subsection. Appointments made at times when the Senate is not in session shall be effective immediately ad interim and shall serve until the Senate acts on the appointment as provided herein. Any appointment made while the Senate is not in session shall be submitted to the Senate not later than the third legislative day following the reconvening of the Legislature. In the event the Senate fails or refuses to act on the appointment, the person whose name was submitted shall continue to serve until action is taken on the appointment by the Senate.