ECD Legacy 9-1-1 Costs Reimbursement

Over the last few months, the Board staff has been reviewing ECD-submitted phone bills in an effort to understand what legacy 9-1-1 services are being utilized statewide and how much they are costing ECDs. Based on the information gathered, options for legacy 9-1-1 costs were presented to the Board at the September 2020 Board meeting.  The Board voted to reimburse ECDs for legacy 9-1-1 costs for FY2021.  The Board staff has been working since to establish the reimbursement process.  There are two requirements that must be met before an ECD can ask for reimbursement:  the ECD must be migrated onto the ANGEN network and must be validly formed.  Once those two requirements are met, ECDs shall request reimbursement via the Legacy 9-1-1 Costs Reimbursement Form. Requests should be submitted on a quarterly basis. Requests for less than one quarter will not be accepted. You may submit for more than one quarter but any a request for more than one quarter must submit all three phone bill for each quarter.

You can watch a replay of the webinar presented on October 15, 2020 here.

You can download the presentation slides here.

Service Period Starting Month

If submitted by:

Reimbursement issued on:

October 1-December 31

January 10

January 29

February 10

February 26

March 10

March 31

January 1-March 31

April 10

April 30

May 10

May 28

June 10

June 30

April 1-June 30

July 10

July 30

August 10

August 31

September 10

September 30

July 1-September 30

October 10

October 29

November 10

November 30

December 10

December 30



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