Section 11-98-10

Restrictions on 911 use; secondary backup emergency number authorized; certain automatic alerting devices connected to network prohibited; possible penalties for misuse

(a) The telephone number 911 is restricted to emergency calls that may result in dispatch of the appropriate response for: fire suppression and rescue, emergency medical services or ambulances, hazardous material, disaster, or major emergency occurrences, and law enforcement activities.

(b) The digits 911 shall be the primary emergency telephone number, but the involved agencies may maintain a separate secondary backup number and shall maintain a separate number for non-emergency telephone calls.

(c) No person shall connect to a service supplier's network or to a CMRS provider's network any automatic alarm, or other automatic alerting device that automatically dials, without human initiation, and provides a pre-recorded message in order to directly access the services that may be obtained through dialing 911.

(d) The making of a false alarm, complaint, or knowingly reporting false information using the E-911 system, may subject the caller to penalties as provided by law.

(Act 98-338, p. 584, §2.)