Section 11-98-9

Technical proprietary information

All technical proprietary information submitted to the board or to the independent third-party auditor as provided by Section 11-98-13 shall be retained by the board and the auditor in confidence and shall be subject to review only by the Examiners of Public Accounts. Notwithstanding any other provision of the law, no technical proprietary information submitted shall be subject to subpoena or otherwise released to any person other than to the submitting voice communication provider, the board, and the independent third-party auditor without the express permission of the administrator and the submitting voice communication provider. General information collected by the independent third-party auditor shall only be released or published in aggregate amounts which do not identify or allow identification of numbers of subscribers or revenues attributable to an individual voice communication provider. Notwithstanding any other provision of the law, no district, political subdivision, voice communication provider, or its employees, directors, officers, or agents shall be liable for any damages in a civil action or subject to criminal prosecution resulting from death, injury, or loss to persons or property incurred by any person in connection with establishing, developing, implementing, maintaining, operating, and otherwise providing 911 service in compliance with the requirements established by the FCC or other state or federal requirement, except in the case of willful or wanton misconduct.

(Act 98-338, p. 584, §2; Act 2012-293, p. 592, §1.)