Exceptions and Exigent Circumstances

585-X-5-.03 Exceotions and Exisent Circumstances.

(l) The training and certification requirements of this section shall not apply to any public safety telecommunicator employed by the state or an agency or department thereof-

(2) Nothing in these rules shall preclude a primary PSAP's authority from using whatever reasonable resources are available to perform pUhU!_!a:fet}_telecommunicator duties in an exigent circumstance.

(3) The Board reserves the right to issue an exception to any requirement imposed by these rules in the event of exigent circumstances or a force majeure event.

Author: Leah Missildine/Alabama 911

Board Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, $$l l -98-4.l.

History: New Rule published Augtst31,2022; effective October 15, 2022. Amended: Published Julv 3 1. 2021: elfective Sentember 1,1 .2023.