Advisory Services and Training

  1. To the extent funds are available, the Alabama 9-1-1 Board (the Board), at its discretion, may fund and offer advisory services and training for emergency communication districts.

  1. Advisory services and training provided by the Board shall include, but not be limited, to the following:

    • Training of public safety telecommunicators, employees and directors

    • Training and/or advice regarding quality assurance

    • Training and/or advice regarding procurement policies and procedures

    • Advice regarding permissible uses of 911 funds received by emergency communication districts

    • Training of EMD personnel

    • Training and/or advice regarding connectivity and implementation of a statewide 911 voice and data system

    • Training of employees via courses provided or sponsored by National Emergency Number Association (NENA), International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED), Association of Public-safety Communications Officials (APCO), or other nationally recognized entities regarding the delivery of 9-1-1 services

    • Any other training and/or advice which enhances or improves the delivery of 9-1-1 services within the State or Alabama.

  1. Unless otherwise specified, expenses for a participant of any training or course sponsored or offered by the Board shall be limited to the following:

    • The course registration fee and course materials

    • The course certificate upon successful conclusion by participant

    • Those personnel that utilize the methods of response to emergency calls as stated in Sec. 11-98-11 Code of Alabama, as amended.

  1. Any additional travel costs and other expenditures incurred by a participant of any training event or course sponsored or offered by the Board shall be in compliance with the participant's employing agency's travel policies at no additional cost to the Board. In the event of detrimental behavior by a participant of a training event or course offered by the Board, then the Board shall request reimbursement from the participant or his/her employing agency for all costs associated with the attendee's participation in the course, including but not limited to registration, course materials and advertising, venue and equipment rental. Said participant may be barred from participating in future courses sponsored or hosted by the Board.

  1. Methods of instruction, evaluation, and attendance policy of any course or training offered or sponsored by the Board are at the discretion of the Board but shall be in compliance with the academic integrity requirements established by the organization that developed the course.

  1. Personnel from agencies outside of Alabama may be allowed to participate in any course or training offered or sponsored by the Board at the discretion of the Board, once a class has been confirmed, but has unfilled seats available.

  1. The Board shall formulate and publish all forms necessary for Advisory Services and Training Programs.


Chapter Number: 585-X-2

Rule Number: .07

Author: L Missildine, J Sasser

Statutory Authority: Section 11-98-4.1 Code of Alabama, 1975

History: Adopted without changes from proposed rule

Status: Active

Copy of Filing: