Conflicts of Interest

Board members shall comply with the provisions of the Alabama Ethics Law prohibiting conflicts of interest.  In addition, if any member, is interested either directly or indirectly, or is an officer or employee of or has an ownership interest in any firm or corporation, not including units of local government, interested directly or indirectly, in any funding or action of the Board, the member, officer or employee must disclose the interest to the Board, which must set for the disclosure in the minutes of the Board.  The member, officer or employee having an interest may not participate on behalf of the Board in the authorization of any funding or contracts in which they have an interest.


Chapter Number: 585-X-2

Rule Number: .06

Author: James T. Sasser

Statutory Authority: Section 36-25-9 Code of Alabama, 1975

History: Adopted without change

Status: Active

Copy of Filing: